Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

International office

Welcome to the International Relations Office of ASAPES!
The International Relations Office is responsible for organizing and forming of international relations of the Academy. We make connections with our international partners, coordinating and implementing other possible issues. At the same time, we take on issues related to students’ participation in exchange programs, allocation of scholarships and representation of the Academy at international forms.
The Goals:
  • To carrying out international coordination of the Academy’s Curriculum;
  • To increase the number of ASAPES students participating in international education programs in abroad;
  • To provide the involvement of international students to ASAPES and to increase the number of these students;
  • To establish new international cooperation in this direction in connection with bringing higher education in Azerbaijan to international standards;
  • To provide the necessary support to the Teaching and Academic Staff in establishing international cooperation;
  • To support international students and invited staff.