Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport


The Bachelor program in Coaching (in chosen sports) prepares professionals to play an important strategic role in the sports industry. Since Azerbaijan is recognized as a leading sports country in the region, it is best placed to prepare internationally competitive highly competent sport professionals. Graduates of the program will get the opportunity to get employed as coaches at schools, clubs, sports societies, governmental and non-governmental sports associations, private sports institutions, sports-oriented schools, and national junior teams.

The Bachelor program in Coaching consists of 240 ECT credits in accordance with the Bologna system, and its duration is 4 years. Students will have the following classes: Physical Education, Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sports Physiology, Sport Management etc. The program is designed on the bases of international experience.

Students of the Bachelor program in Coaching will be involved in intensive internship programs that will help them to get practical experience and learn from well-known coaches in the field.

Additionally, students will be able to enhance their education through professional development programs and/or master's degree programs in future.