Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

MA programs FAQs


1. Who can apply for these MA programs?

  • Sport Journalism MA. Graduates (including working journalists and communication professionals), holding a Bachelor’s degree from Azerbaijan or other recognized international higher education institutions can apply for this program. Applicants must be able to demonstrate English language skills equivalent to IELTS 5 by the start of the program. Candidates from Azerbaijan may be required to attend a language assessment.
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation MSc. This program is exclusively designed for medical doctors. Applicants should have a minimum of one year post-graduation clinical experience relating to their primary degree. Minimum IELTS / TOEFL 6.5 / 83.
  • Sport Management MA. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in any subject can apply for this program. Minimum IELTS / TOEFL 6.5 / 83.

2. How do I register?

  • Our website includes a section that will guide applicants through the online registration process. Here is the link for both international and local applicants:

3. When is the deadline for registration?

  • May 1, 2018 is the deadline for international applications.
  • February 12, 2018 is the deadline for local applicants

4. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

  • The ASAPES International Relations Office team is happy to help. Please contact Shukur Guliyev ( Tel: +994 12 564 09 02. Address: AZ1072, 98 F.Xoyski, Baku Azerbaijan

5. How much do the MA programs cost?

Course fees are the same for international and Azerbaijan students:

  • Sport Journalism MA (1.5 years): USD 2500 for the first year (two semesters) and USD 1250 for the third semester. The total fee is USD 3750.
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation MA (two years): USD 4500 per year. USD 9000 in total.
  • Sport Management MA (two years): USD 2500 per year. USD 5000 in total.

6. When do interviews take place?

  • Interviews for candidates from Azerbaijan usually take place during the first week of May. Please see our website for more information.

7. When will I know if I have been offered a place?

  • Candidates will usually be contacted within five working days of their interview.

8. What type of accommodation is available?

  • There is a wide variety of accommodation available within easy reach of the academy. Apartment rental costs are in general similar or cheaper than those found in many other European cities. For example, a single room in Baku could cost USD 300 per month, falling to USD 150 if shared. The International Relations Office will be happy to assist in finding suitable accommodation if required. Hotels are also an option. For more information on hotel prices, view this website:

9. What is the monthly cost of living in Baku for an average foreign student?

10. What kind of entertainment options are available for foreign students in Baku?

  • Baku is a great city in which to live and study, with a vibrant nightlife and wide variety of cultural, entertainment and sporting attractions. Please refer to this link for more information:

11. Are there free sports and fitness facilities for students at the university?

  • We have modern, well-equipped sports facilities and professional sports trainers and coaches working at our academy. All students have free access to these facilities and services.

12. Will I have a free access to the library and other study resources?

  • All students at ASAPES have free access to our physical library and e-library resources, after registration.

13. Is English sufficient or do I need to learn the local language once I am accepted?

  • For MA programs English is sufficient as the studies are delivered in English.

14. How do I stay in Azerbaijan for the duration of my education? What type of visa do I need?

  • First, you apply for an e-visa (education type) through the following link Your entry visa will be valid for 30 days, so as soon as you arrive we will help you to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit, which will allow travel to and from Azerbaijan. This permit lasts for one year or six months and must be renewed annually, depending on the duration of your study.

15. Is health insurance required?

  • Health insurance is not required but is recommended. We will help research suitable insurance packages by request.

16. Do I need to have a medical examination on arrival?

  • Yes. When you are at the academy we will direct you to an approved hospital to undergo a medical check-up. This includes checks for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, plus neurological conditions. These checks are required for your Temporary Resident Permit. You will pay the medical costs, which are currently between USD 130 – 180.

17. Will someone meet me at the airport upon arrival?

  • Buses and taxis from Heydar Aliyev International Airport are reasonably-priced and easy to use. For more information visit: If you have special needs, we can arrange to pick you up from the airport, if agreed in advance. In all cases, we need to know your travel details, and you should inform us immediately of any changes to your schedule.

18. Am I required to bring any legal or translated documents with me?

  • Translation and authentication of your prior diplomas have to be done in Baku, as this is a requirement of our Ministry of Education. However, you need to bring original certified diplomas (together with legally-approved translation into English, if required) from your country. Please ask if you are uncertain.

19. Will I have access to services such as printing and photocopying at the university?

  • These services are available at the university on a paid basis.

20. Are there opportunities for work experience in Azerbaijan?

  • Azerbaijan is home to a wide variety of international sporting events and organizations. Our university maintains strong links throughout the sports industry and actively supports students in gaining work experience, both as part of the program and as a route to future employment. Students may have the opportunity to participate in major events on a paid or volunteer basis.

21. Do I need to be enrolled at the time I hand in my Master’s thesis?

  • Students are not required to attend a full schedule of teaching during the thesis hand-in period.

22. Do I need to come up with a thesis topic myself?

  • In general, a range of topic areas are provided by the program and discussed with students. After a choice is agreed, students develop and complete the thesis with the support and supervision of program tutors. In the case of Sport Journalism, students can choose between a practical media project or academic thesis.

23. Is there a possibility to write a Master’s thesis in cooperation with a company?

  • As long as the thesis topic and approach is agreed by the academy, and the thesis adheres to ethical and academic guidelines, there is no reason why it cannot actively involve contact with external organizations.

24. Are there organic markets or shops to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle?

  • Local markets are the perfect places to buy locally-produced organic food.