Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

“We are descendants of such a genius as Heydar Aliyev,
 then why not to think about the future with ambitions?”

Fuad Hajiyev, Rector

Hello and welcome to the website of Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport regardless you being an alumni, current or future student, academic staff or casual reader. Established in 1930, Academy has long and proud history. In recent years, new stage of development started and Academy lives its “Renaissance” now. You can clearly feel it once you join us!

The founder of modern state educational policy in Azerbaijan was the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has successfully continued it by setting new targets and challenges for the local universities to be achieved.

Academy is not an exception and to achieve the new targets, a number of reforms is applied in every field possible in order to provide the best conditions for both professional and personal development of young generation in the field of sports. We are putting so much effort in this cause we want to see Azerbaijan leading not only in the field of the professional sports, but also in the field of sport education! Our mission is to prepare internationally competitive and highly ethical sport specialists. This is what we aim at, and I believe we will bring it to successful conclusion quite soon.

In sport, every person is exposed to such values as “equal competition opportunities”, “victory in the equal competition”, “willingness to be the first”, “win over yourself, not the competitor”. Even more, sport also teaches us to love the Motherland, adequately represent it and every second to be ready to protect it. These are the values we offer. If you share the same values, we are looking forward to see you here!