Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

Research lab

The education system is the most important resource of innovational development of the country. Increasing the quality of higher education is one of the most substantial priorities in Azerbaijan education system. And of course, it concerns the field of physical education and sport.

From 2017/2018 education year, it is planned to introduce new specialities in undergraduate and graduate programs, also improving the curriculum for current programs, creations of the scientific-educational base for preparing highly qualified specialists.

Every year approximately 3800 students of the Academy are taught different subjects that require the development of certain knowledge and practical skills: Dynamic Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Physiology, Sports Morphology, Sports Medicine, Treatment and Physical Education Complex, Massage etc.

The aim of ASAPES research laboratory is:

1. To participate directly in the preparation of highly skilled, competitive specialists to the international and local labour market in the field of physical education and sport.

  • To create conditions for acquiring practical skills by students in the field of psychophysiological monitoring of health status and determination of the level of physical training, to increase the ability of sportsmen working with non-exercise restoration methods as well.
  • Preparation and application of medical and educational methods to the teaching process which related to psychophysiological monitoring methods of sportsmen and individuals who is busy with physical education.
  1. Developing scientific potential of the Academy’s teaching staff:
  • To create conditions for carrying out scientific research work in the actual fields of psychophysiological monitoring of athletes for undergraduate and graduate students and the teachers of the departments.
  1. The development of priority directions of scientific studies in Sport Physiology, Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology and Sport Psychology.
  2. Implementation of scientific, medical and biological and psychological support of athletes’ as well as pupils of the children-youth sport schools preparation process.
  3. To participate in the development and improvement of sport cadres in the Republic.