Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport


The alumni of ASAPES always differ with their high persistence, strong will and leadership abilities. The first graduation was in 1933 and consisted of 39 alumni. Since then, the success of ASAPES alumni spread to different parts of the world. We are proud of our alumni!

National Heroes

The tabor commander Aliyar Aliyev (1957-1992) and his driver were killed heroically in the battle for “Tikanli Zami”. And Aliyar Aliyev was buried at Qubadli.

Ilqar Ismayilov (1959-1992) was leading 128 soldiers and liberated the hill called “Qizarti” from Armenian robbers. The brave commander heroically died on October 1, 1992.

Madat Quliyev (was born in 1958) general colonel was awarded as the National Hero of Azerbaijan honorary title under the decree of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 26, 1995